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Best Colorado Springs Custom Home Builders

When selecting a builder for your custom home, you're embarking on an architectural adventure. You want value, integrity, and the best design to fit your lifestyle. Most likely, you'll need to be presented with various ideas in order to solidify the construction of your new living space.

There will be numerous decisions to make, many of which require the expertise of a professional—while others will allow you to draw upon your innate creativity. Having a contractor with years of experience will make the process enjoyable rather than stressful.

Perhaps you have a vision of your dream home—whether it's minimalistic, traditional, Tuscany-inspired, or a wall of glass at every turn. No matter what your preferred tastes may be, choosing the best Colorado Springs home contractors will ensure that your customized home is built with appropriate construction materials, has well-proportioned living spaces, and is a unique expression of your personal style.

Inspired Ideas

Many people don't know exactly what they want in a home, and will benefit from a building plan shaped by a professional hand. When looking for a custom home builder in Colorado Springs, it an be helpful to check out builders that have model homes with a variety of architectural features for individuals to draw inspiration from. You can also collect both practical and style-related ideas.

Creating a beautiful home that you'll be delighted by and feel comfortable with is our priority. Whether it's an inviting eat-in kitchen filled with Colorado sunlight, or a dimly lit study with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves—we'll design rooms that will transform your mood and lift your spirits.

Luxury bathrooms and kitchens, custom outdoor creeks, and stone man-caves are just a sampling of the specialty design elements we create. Our satisfied customers consider BVC Homes to be the best custom home builder in Colorado Springs.

Energy Efficiency

Everyone wants to curb their carbon footprint, but of course, we all need energy to power our electronics, light fixtures and appliances. How our home uses energy and water can reduce the need for fossil fuels required to fuel power plants. Innovations in energy efficient designs and materials provide good value for your money, and help cut energy costs over the long-term.

Building an Energy Star qualified home will not only save on utility bills, but can improve the air quality of your home. Energy Star qualification means that products meet guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

An energy efficient home that meets these standards will typically have high-performance windows, efficient appliances, light fixtures and equipment for heating and cooling.

The home will be insulated to prevent air leakage through walls and floors. Another level of Energy Star specifications involves constructing the home to control chemical exposure, the growth of mold, radon and other pollutants.

Renewable energy products and other sustainable efficiency solutions are available through our affordable custom home builders in Colorado.


A beautiful custom home deserves a comprehensive landscaping package, which is exactly what we offer.

Perhaps you want a rose garden and fountains surrounded by a rolling carpet of grass. Or a swimming pool bordered by gently curving walking paths and a sculpted rock garden.

You may envision a secluded yard, which will be perfect for sunbathing or gardening. We can help you with these details. For instance, just adding raised beds for your plants will add a great deal of privacy to your backyard living space.

Colorado landscaping has its challenges. The soil on your property may be of poor quality or overly rocky.

Due to the high altitude of Colorado Springs and the high-pH soil, gardening requires expertise in order to successfully create the lawn and gardens surrounding your home. The Front Range of Colorado, while picturesque, can experience heavy snow and wind, making it difficult for some plants to grow.

Yes, you may have to make smart decisions regarding your home's landscaping, but we offer guidance to ensure that your property meets the aesthetic quality that you desire.

Value-Oriented Approach

We won't push a lot of extra features that you may not need. Overselling is not our style; we prefer quality and efficiency. Standard features are often the most appropriate—and help clients get the most for their money.

Attention to every detail and high quality construction are our foremost concerns. You want an archway to frame your dining room, or a luxurious bathroom with a sitting area and sauna?

The features and custom design of your dream home can be within your reach. We will work with you to make them affordable.

From construction materials to color schemes and design accents, it is important that your custom home builder can ensure that your dream home exceeds your expectations.

Whether it's a high-impact design with dramatic flair, or comfortable and cozy, you can be assured that your custom home will be created with an experienced professional at the helm. While high quality construction is always a priority, we build with cost-effectiveness and efficiency to give you the beautiful and inspired home that you'll love and enjoy.

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