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Production vs. Custom Home Builder


When it comes to building a new home, it can be a little tough for you to determine what is right for you. One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether you should hire a production or a custom home builder. Even though both seem to be excellent options, they have their own pros and cons. If this is your first time having a luxurious home built, here’s what you will need to know in order to make an informed decision.

Difference between a Production and a Custom Home Builder

The difference between the two is quite simple. A production builder works on several projects simultaneously using an existing library of home plans, while a custom home builder involves the buyer in the home design every step of the way. However, each home is customized in one way or another. Additionally, the buyer has the option to choose from products in categories provided by the builder to personalize their new home.

Custom home builders in Colorado Springs create unique homes unlike any other. In fact buyers have a greater range of designs to choose from. However, these homes are mostly built on a single lot. A buyer also has the option to work closely with the builders in order to select most of the details when it comes to building their luxurious new home.

That being said, the real difference lies in approach when it comes to choosing between a custom and a production home builder. It also depends on a variety of different factors including the overall design and the shape; in this case you will need to work with the builder for a desired outcome.

Even though both builders are available throughout out the country, here is what you can expect from each in order to make an effective decision.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Home Builders

If you already own a piece of land and want to be involved in each and every step of building your new home then a custom home builder is exactly what you may have been looking for all along. One of the best things about working with any custom home builder in Colorado Springs is that it is not as scripted as it is in the case of a production home. You do not have a list of pre-defined choices to choose from, but in fact, you often design your home from scratch.

Custom homes can be built on a land that you acquire or that you already own. Additionally, if you have a floorplan or want some to be drawn, it can be done from scratch. What is really interesting about working with new home builders is that you can work with an architect separately. In fact you can even work with design-build companies if you want. You will have countless opportunities to make decisions, thus being more involved in the entire process. But what truly sets a custom home apart is the ability to pick any product you like for your new home, based on a budget.

However, at the same time it is important for you to understand that custom home builders are highly specialized which means you will have to pay more than what you normally would have paid when working with a production builder. The old saying, "You get what you pay for", comes into play here, because when you pay to work with a custom builder, you are essentially paying to get a completely unique and exciting home build experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Production Builders

Production builders specialize in building multiple homes at the same time. These builders construct thousands if not hundreds of homes every year. Production builders often develop huge communities in many cities and states across the US. Even though the scale can vary, these builders tend to construct homes based on the same process that any other production builder may use.

If you choose to work with a production builder, you get the home and land as a package. You do have a wider range of homes to choose from. But when it comes to choosing products for your new home, you can only select from a variety of different products from pre-defined menus provided by the builder.

Even though these builders do not charge as much as a custom home builder, they are unable to deliver the perfect custom home. Production builders rely on cost saving strategies that means you may not get the type of home you were expecting in the first place. Even though these homes do not lack in quality, you actually have no control and say during the construction process. You will have to stick to the same basic structure and will have to make do with what you have got.

So, which kind of home builder should I choose?

Looking at the bigger picture, you will come to realize building a luxury home is not what a production builder is all about. Even though they are cost effective and are able to deliver exceptionally well-built homes, they lack in terms of customization and personalization.

On the other hand, when it comes to working with a custom home builder, your choices are unlimited. The only restrictions are your budget or zoning limitations and building codes. Most individuals prefer the freedom of building their luxury home from a blank paper. Not only is it exciting, but it is fun too. However, it would be wise to know what you are getting yourself into before making a final decision. You will need to do your homework beforehand to ensure you are not going to end up way over your head. Additionally, building a custom luxury home will take more time in comparison to a production built home.

Equipped with the information provided above, it is safe to say you are ready to decide whether a production or a custom home builder is your best bet. The real difference comes down to the type of choices you are willing to make when it comes to determining the feel and look of your home. But it is safe to say both builders offer more value for your money with a quality home that is energy efficient than your typical resale home. If you are willing to invest in a luxury home, why not invest in a new one instead?

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