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Choosing Tuscany-Inspired Floor Plans for Your Home

tuscan-inspired-homesConsidering a Tuscan style for your upcoming home remodel or for a new construction project? Are you familiar with the basics? The rustic appeal of this look and the plain, sturdy furnishing create unique ambiance and old-school elegance that will help you relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings when you get home from work.

The following Tuscan-inspired home design guide will acquaint you with some of the basics and the most important features needed to bring the idea to reality.

The History of Tuscany

The central Italian region of Tuscany has Florence as its capital and is well-known for beautiful landscapes, unique architecture and all of the artistic influences that had an impact on the development of culture.

Tuscany is seen as the birthplace of the Renaissance, and this fact has contributed to the unique design of the Tuscan houses. The fine red wines and the rich Italian cuisine have also made Tuscany famous in all parts of the world.

The transformation of Tuscan architecture and the contemporary appeal started coming to existence during the 11th and 12th centuries. Tuscany prospered, which is why many of the houses became bigger, more expensive materials started to be used and numerous accessories or beautiful pieces of furniture were added to the homes.

Traditional Tuscan Floor Plan Characteristics

Mediterranean and Tuscan homes both put emphasis on rustic charm. Finding a home builder in Colorado Springs that has experience with such projects will be the key to being 100 percent happy with the outcome. Colorado custom home decorators will add the finishing touches that will increase the authenticity of the project.

Tuscan-inspired home design is all about choosing the right colors, the right materials and the right textures for your rooms. Earthy and unpretentious colors are most common. These are frequently achieved through the use of natural materials like wood, stone and marble.

Tiles and mosaics rank among the most popular picks for the floors. Wrought-iron accessories add the finishing touches, creating the impression of a traditional Italian house.

Room openness is another common characteristic. Large windows will create the perfect view towards the impressive Colorado Mountain Range. Vaults and arches will make all of the rooms much more spacious. Tuscan-inspired floor plans create the perfect combination of minimalism and traditionalism. As a result, this kind of design is great for a villa, a country home or a family house outside of the big, noisy city.

Choosing the Plan

Picking the most appropriate Tuscan-inspired floor plan for your house is the first step. You have various possibilities. One of those involves the selection of a pre-designed Tuscan floor plan. There are many portfolios you will find online, and these contain some great ideas for all kinds and all sizes of construction projects.

Alternatively, you can work with a specialist on the creation of your unique floor plan. This possibility is perfect for individuals that already have an idea in their mind and need to bring this concept to reality. Working a bit on the design before talking to a specialist will be important if you want exact execution. Keep in mind that the pre-designed Tuscan-inspired floor plans tend to be less expensive than working with a specialist on the execution of your unique idea.

Benefits of Choosing Tuscan-Inspired Home Design

Tuscan floor plans have many features that create a romantic and warm atmosphere. Adding a fireplace to the living room, having solid furniture and including candle sconces will make the design perfect for a newlywed couple or a family that has been spending quality time together for many years.

The design makes full use of natural light. The large windows and the spatial organization will contribute to having sufficient quantities of sunlight in your home from early morning to later in the evening.

Authenticity is another very important characteristic of the design. Many people are turning away from the modern minimalism trend. They want something warm, exciting and traditional. Nothing looks more authentic than the furniture and accessories so typical for the homes of Tuscany.

The design is versatile at the same time. Whether you want to have a villa or a family home, you will benefit from the execution of this kind of project. The traditional Italian elements work well with modern appliances and conveniences that we are all used to. If keeping practicality in mind is your top priority, give Tuscan-inspired home plans a chance. Go through an online library to understand the aesthetics better and to make sure this type of architecture and interior design is suitable for your dream home or vacation place.

Want to make your house in the foot of the Colorado Mountain Range even more spectacular? A trend that was born in the heart of Italy will work just perfectly for your U.S. projects. Finding an experienced professional to talk to about this possibility will be the key to making the most of it.

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