Monday, 29 February 2016

Our Featured Floor Plan: The Avanti

Having a custom home built can be a blessing and a burden. It’s so exciting to choose a floor plan, features and details for a home that you’ll love, but it can also be overwhelming to pick what will be right for you and your family. How do you know which floor plan you’ll love? What if you build a Colorado Springs custom home that isn’t what you expected it to be? The best way to know that the home you’re building will work out for the best is to work with a custom home builder to talk through exactly what your home needs. Bella Vita Custom Homes has a variety of floor plans for different lifestyles, and an Avanti home is great for a large, active family who likes to spend time together, entertain and enjoy life.

This home is designed with the family in mind and offers an open, main-level master living space for plenty of comfort and breathing room along with a covered outdoor living area in both the front and back of the home.

The Avanti is a Tuscan-inspired country home frames the dramatic front range views available in the beautiful Flying Horse environment. The great thing about the Avanti is that it can be designed to fit your specific needs while still featuring the details planned out by the homebuilders, along with some guidance from the original plan of the house. Debating between open or closed concept, ranch or multilevel, and how many rooms to build doesn’t have to be a big stressor - the Avanti floor plans cover that and allow you to create a space you’ll love within those designs.

Open Living Areas

One of the great parts of the Avanti home is the open floor plan on the main level of the house. Whether you like to spend your evenings cooking and chatting with the kids while they do homework, or relaxing together in the living room as a family, this floor plan is perfect for the busy family who wants to find a way to spend time together. The open living space is also ideal for entertaining. It’s so hard to prepare and serve food from the kitchen while guests are mingling and eating in the living area. With an Avanti floor plan, you can easily be in the kitchen refilling drinks while still spending time with your guests.

Outdoor Living

One of the benefits of living in Colorado Springs is being able to spend as much time as possible outside. The air is typically clear and dry and the sky is almost always sunny. When building your Colorado Springs custom home, it’s important to take that lifestyle into account if it’s something important to you and your family. The Avanti home not only boasts outdoor living in the backyard, but in the front yard as well. Entertaining with adults and children is easy because there’s an abundance of space to do so, and there is also enough room to separate groups of people if that’s what is needed. The breathtaking Flying Horse community features views of both the plains and the mountains, so whichever way you’re home faces, you’ll be able to relax and take in the beautiful landscape.

Plenty of Space

If there’s one thing that can feel cramped as your family grows, it is a house. Bedrooms get too small or there are not enough, living spaces become shared and the kitchen can turn into a mad house. Luckily, the Avanti home by Bella Vita Custom Homes is great for larger families. The original floor plan boasts six bedrooms, giving your family plenty of space to grow! If there are many out of town visitors, this also allows for guest bedrooms, which can be a big incentive for friends and family to come visit.

Entertainment Space

Having a home where guests feel welcomed and impressed is often one of the main things a person takes into consideration when designing their living areas. Although those spaces are used regularly for relaxation, things like formal dining rooms and extra rec rooms are nice additions for larger parties. The Avanti floor plan offers a formal dining room for holidays, a spacious living room for social gatherings and other areas to help guests enjoy their time at your custom home. The design features a gaming and theater area, complete with a wet bar. This is perfect for a family night in, a birthday sleepover or even a Super Bowl party. These spaces give the house a fun space, but still keep the elegant design qualities desired by many homeowners.

Live in Luxury at Flying Horse

Although the actual house design of the Avanti is beautiful, one of the greatest parts of this custom home is the area it is built in. Flying Horse is a magnificent area for homes where the Colorado lifestyle is easy to live. There are elegant homes, pretty views, a private athletic club and spa, a golf course and even a clubhouse complete with fine dining and lodge accommodations. Whether you’re interested in spending family time at the pool or playing a round of 18 holes to clear your head and have time to yourself, Flying Horse offers a luxurious lifestyle for both large and small families alike.

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