Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Our Featured Floor Plan: The Bella Fresca

Building a dream home is something many people look forward to and strongly desire. As you start thinking about your new home, you want to consider looking through various Colorado Springs floor plans to find the right one for you. Our featured floor plan is one that is perfect for the socialite or family-oriented buyer. We call this the Bella Fresca, and it is absolutely gorgeous and something we think you will find simply stunning. Let’s take a closer look at the Bella Fresca, why we love it, and just how this floor plan can benefit you!

Why We Love the Bella Fresca

With its four bedrooms plus office, and three and half baths this home is perfect for large families. The floor plan not only includes the main floor but also a great basement area that we are sure you will love. Just why do you find this floor plan so attractive? Because it is a wonderful floor plan for throwing excellent parties as well as the perfect family-friendly home. Let’s look at a few key aspects about this incredible floor plan.

The Bella Fresca is spacious

This gives you the ability to have great get-togethers, and it is perfect if you have a large family. In fact, this is a great idea for families whose children have already grown up and moved out. Why? Because the Bella Fresca floor plan has enough space for their children and spouses! If you plan on having a full house for the holidays, the Bella Fresca is one of the best home designs in Colorado Springs.

This floor plan is great for families

As we mentioned previously, the Bella Fresca has the perfect floor plan for families. There are plenty of rooms to choose from for bedrooms, and it comes with an office to help you get your work done in peace. The basement is a great play area for kids and you will find that this floor plan is perfect for all of those awesome birthday parties you plan on throwing.

It has a wonderful open kitchen

When you are preparing for large meals whether for the holidays or a party, you want to have a kitchen that not only has all the amenities, but also has enough space. The great thing about this particular floor plan is that it incorporates an open kitchen, giving you all the space you may need for your holiday and party preparation. It can even help when you are teaching children how to bake or cook, which is always a great bonding experience for everyone.

It is perfect for entertaining

No matter what your plans are, this floor plan will help you entertain your guests easily. Every party or get-together will go smoothly, and you will be able to enjoy it with little to no stress.

Who Is This Floor Plan For?

Now that you know why we love this excellent Colorado Springs floor plan, you might be wondering exactly who can use it. The Bella Fresca gives several excellent opportunities to people, and we think you will simply love all that it offers. Let’s look into this further and see if you fit the bill for this gorgeous home design.

Our Colorado Springs Bella Fresca floor plan is a party pleaser

As you can see, the Bella Fresca is perfect for those who want to entertain and have excellent parties. It is spacious, has a great kitchen, and on top of all of that it as an incredible wet bar. You will also notice that you have great rooms for your parties, including the entertainment room.

When it is a nice summer day or there is a gorgeous Colorado snow falling, the covered terrace provides excellent access to the outdoors. This helps give people the ability to move from room to room, and head outside to keep the evening fresh the whole time. It gives you the greatest opportunity to entertain friends and have everyone over for drinks and laughs.

The Bella Fresca is also great for reunions. Whether you are planning on having a family or school reunion, this floor design is perfect. It gives you the ability to invite everyone that you want to, and also gives people a chance to have room to move around and socialize. Tall ceilings keep the home feeling open even when its full of friends and family. You will no longer have to book a restaurant or go to a stuffy, old high school gym for these reunions, which will make them much more enjoyable for everyone in attendance.

If you are looking for great home designs in Colorado Springs, then choosing Bella Vista Custom Homes is excellent! We provide the best floor plans, including the Bella Fresca, making sure you have everything you need.

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