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Colorado Parade of Homes

What does your dream home look like? Is it a small house with a sleek design? Maybe your dream house is a luxury home with six bedrooms and a winding staircase that greets every guest as he or she walks into your home’s entryway.

Colorado Springs is home to award-winning custom home-builders who are ready to make every person’s dream home into a reality. But what if you’re not sure what it is you want? Where can you find inspiration or get a peek at design ideas?

For the past 60 years, the Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs (HBA) has been providing Colorado Springs residents with a look at some of the most beautiful custom houses in the area during the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes.

There, guests have the chance to draw inspiration from the best builders, communities and designers in the area. During the HBA’s 61st annual Parade of Homes, guests will be able to view 31 homes, built by 24 builders in seven areas of town and in three specific housing communities.

What is the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes

The Colorado Springs Parade of Homes ia 17-day event which gives the general public, as well as home professionals, a look at trends and innovations in home design and from award-winning home builders in Colorado Springs. Some of the houses show affordable living, some are luxury dream homes, but all of them are beautiful masterpieces - many specifically built and designed for this annual event.

The event isn’t just a chance to browse for design ideas of dream of owning a multi-million dollar mansion; the HBA has also implemented educational seminars during the Parade of Homes in 2014 and plans to bring them back this year. These are hosted at several of the parade homes throughout the event.

Many Colorado Springs custom home builders each submit a house, or in some cases, multiple houses, to participate in the showcase. Every home in the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes 2015 is judged by industry professionals from around the country based on features such as landscaping, floor plans and even the interior decorating. There is also a People’s Choice Award, voted on by guests who attend the Parade of Homes, as well as an award voted on by the builders.

Parade of Homes Awards

The Colorado Springs Parade of Homes awards are all divided into specific categories, and then divided again based on price. Most of the awards are voted on by industry professionals; however, there is also a People’s Choice Award, voted on by those who attend the event, as well as the Industry Awards of Excellence, which is voted on by the builders.

The homes are judged for everything from architecture to design detail. In 2014, the categories included best kitchen, best master suite, best interior design, best floor plan, best architectural exterior, best landscaping, best craftsmanship and best overall home. The price points were divided into seven categories with the lowest price point being under $300,000 and the highest being more than $1 million. The awards are presented to the builders at an award ceremony following the close of the parade of homes.

History of the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes and HBA

The HBA started the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes in 1954, the same year the association was started. The Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs is a member trade association for companies who are in the housing industry. Professionals and companies ranging from builders and developers, to interior designers and landscapers, are members of HBA.

During the 2014 Parade of Homes, 25 builders in 17 communities presented 28 homes for the public to visit. The homes ranged from less than $150,000 to more than $2,000,000 showing that tasteful living can happen at any price point.

More than 14,000 guests attended last year’s parade. After the event, there is a Parade of Homes Award Banquet, which is where the winners of each award are announced. The ceremony also acts as a fundraiser. Last year, the HBA raised more than $1,300 for its charitable foundation, HBA cares.

Who are the 2015 Builders?

The builders entering the Parade of Homes varies every year. For the 2015 Colorado Springs Parade of Homes, 24 builders have entered 31 homes into the showcase. The following builders intend to show homes at the event:

  • Bella Vita Custom Homes
  • Class Homes
  • Covington Homes
  • Oakwood Homes
  • Goetzmann Homes
  • Lost Creek Construction
  • Reunion Homes
  • Saint Aubyn Homes
  • Campbell Homes
  • Century Communities
  • Copperleaf Homes
  • Eco Cabins
  • Galiant Homes
  • Weston Homes
  • Keller Homes
  • Palmer Ridge Construction
  • Saddletree Homes
  • Tiffany Homes
  • Vanguard Homes
  • All About Home Design Custom Homes
  • Broadview Terrace
  • Hi-Point Homebuilders
  • Picasso Homes
  • Solid Rock Custom Homes

Tips for the Tour

Many Colorado Springs residents go to the Parade of Homes to gather ideas for decorating their own house. This is an affordable and fun way to look at numerous places and figure out what would work in your current or future house and what might not. Because of the number of builders, each with their own individual tastes, there are sure to be trends for every personality.

If you’re currently planning out a future house with a significant other, take that person with you to discuss what you’re both seeing. It’s hard to get another person to imagine your vision, so if you attend the event together, you’ll be able to point out specifics and stay on the same page when it comes to your own custom home.

Take a paper and pencil with you to write down details of what you find at each house that you enjoyed or that you may not have liked. Keeping track of those details will help you in knowing what you want. It’s also a great way to remember which house you love the most in order to vote for the People’s Choice Award.

There is likely to be anywhere from 20 to 30 houses during the 17-day event, so notes will be helpful in keeping your thoughts straight.

If you’re allowed to, take photos. Especially if there is a specific detail or design that you like, it’s important to be able to show your home builder or decorator. If cameras aren’t allowed, sketch it out with the notebook and pencil you brought!

Even if you aren’t an artist, a general idea of what you saw will help your custom home builder to get you what you want - they may even come up with something better from it!

Ticket info

The Colorado Springs Parade of Homes 2015 is scheduled for August 7 through August 23. During that time, the houses will be open for viewing from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The participating builders are aware of the time they have to complete the home for the parade however there is always the chance that a home will be incomplete.

It’s important to check the Parade of Homes website, where these houses will be noted, as well as pay attention to homes with “INCOMPLETE” yard signs, as this means the home will be unavailable for showing. Tickets to the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes 2015 will be available at Colorado Springs Safeway Stores closer to the event. Tickets will also be available at the homes featured in the showcase. For more information, visit the Parade of Homes website.

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