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Designing the Exterior of your Tuscan Style Home

As the design of your Colorado Springs custom home comes together, you’ll have to start planning the details for the exterior of your house. It’s likely you already worked with your house contractor to sketch up an idea of what the outside will be like, but sometimes it takes inspiration to really plan out those final details. European architecture is popular among many custom built homes, and taking an Old World design and using it as inspiration for your house could be a great way to incorporate beautiful, timeless details into its style. A Tuscan style house is one that gives off warmth and will make you feel comfortable at home and feel welcoming for visitors.


Tuscan Design Elements

Tuscan style homes tend to follow the influences of Italian villas and exude elegance and comfort. The style is popular for homeowners because they can still build a beautiful home with unique architectural detail and continue to keep some modern elements as well. Sloping roofs, arched doorways, large, long windows, and large outdoor living spaces are some of the main architectural features you’ll see with a Tuscan home. Open layouts seem to be having a moment when it comes to home design, and with a Tuscan style house, a home builder is able to combine a modern open layout with the look of an Old World design - even when it comes to the exterior of the home. Having a large outdoor living space can give a smaller home the feel of a larger area.

The challenge of the exterior of a Tuscan home is finding the right balance between charm and extravagance, but the materials and landscaping can make all the difference in the look of the home. The exterior of the home uses natural materials and maintains a classic look. Things like wrought-iron fences or gates may be a part of the property, while slabs of rock or stucco are used for siding and flooring. There are probably patios, fire pits, archways through the outdoor space and even a cobblestone driveway. Sometimes other details like vines going up a wall or adding a crumbling stone wall around sitting areas can give an old feel to a new house.


One of the major components when it comes to a Tuscan style home’s exterior is the materials used. Like many other European style homes, Tuscan exteriors are often stucco, or some type of stone is incorporated into the siding. In Italy, many homes are made of stone or brick, so the stucco or natural stone replicates that. The tiles for the roof are another material that is important to consider. Terracotta roof tiles are very popular, and give the house the older feel and look that the home builder is aiming for. Sometimes the terracotta is used for the floor, too! Other popular building materials used might be marble or limestone, and sometimes travertine. Whether it’s for a fountain, a patio or even for the outdoor furniture like tables, using stone is a unique material to add to different parts of the exterior. Sometimes wood is used, and if so, it’s usually natural wood; refurbished beams are another way to keep the home looking more antique and custom. Using the right building materials when putting together your custom home will allow you to create a home has the style you’re envisioning.


Details can make or break the style of a home, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the landscaping of a house can have a big impact on the home’s design. To create a Tuscan landscape surrounding your custom home, think of adding plants and a garden. Vines on the house can give the illusion of an Italian villa, and plants like Lavender or rosemary smell good and add some green throughout the exterior. Maybe even consider planting trees strategically throughout the patio or courtyard area.

Designing a custom home with a Tuscan style feel can be overwhelming, so don’t hesitate to contact your Colorado Springs custom home builder to consult on what materials, landscaping ideas or floor plan designs they might have. By laying out your options and talking to an expert, you’ll be able to create your own villa - but with a view of Pikes Peak!

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