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Designing Your Closet - Colorado Springs Custom Homes

Building a custom home in Colorado Springs can be fun and exciting. Maybe you decide that the kitchen nook has a huge window overlooking Pike’s Peak or the master bathroom has the dual sinks you’ve always dreamed of. One design aspect of the house that is easily overlooked is the closet space in the house. It’s used to store things, not live in, so what’s the purpose of over-thinking it?

As much as this may seem true, oftentimes by overlooking closets you may not plan for a large enough closet for yourself and a significant other. Or maybe you didn’t realize how convenient it would be to have a spot to sit in the closet while you put on your shoes.

By giving a few extra thoughts to designing a closet space, you can make it adaptable to your needs and add extra convenience to the space. Here are a few ideas to get started on designing a functional custom closet.

Choosing Your Closet Design for Your Colorado Springs Custom Home

The first thing to think about before designing the closet is what type of closet you have room for. There are two main styles of closets.


A reach-in closet is a closet with a smaller depth of just 2 to 2.5 feet and can be anywhere from 3 to 8 feet wide. They’re usually in smaller bedrooms or hallways, however if your need for closet space is small, this is a great option.

Typically, a single rod is bolted across the top of the closet for hanging clothes and there is sometimes a shelf above that for extra storage. There are also reach-in closets with shelving going from floor to ceiling or with two rods across - one higher for tops and one lower for pants.

If the closet is going into a master bedroom and you share the bedroom with another person, it’s always an option to install two reach-in closets so each person has a space of their own.

In a master bedroom, walk-in closets are more typical than reach-ins. Walk-ins offer more depth and space and can make for a great addition to a beautiful master bedroom. Walk-in closets can be smaller with just enough room for clothing, or larger and have an extra space for dressing, sitting and can sometimes even have a vanity to make getting ready feel more relaxing and convenient.

The main thing to keep in mind with a walk-in closet is if the closet is meant to store things and act as a functional area, or if an element of style and luxury are necessary.

It’s also important to decide if this will be the main area of storage or if there are going to be other storage areas throughout the house. The more storage you’ll use elsewhere, the less space that is necessary here.

After determining which closet type is best for you, you need to figure out the closet’s location and speak with your contractor to make sure this is a possibility.

Choosing a larger, walk-in closet for your Colorado Springs custom property may mean sacrificing bedroom or bathroom space, so be sure that you’re not going too big, but that you’re still getting a closet that will fit your needs. Also, keep in mind that although a closet will take away square footage from a bedroom, it will also eliminate the need for extra dressers and drawers, which will free up the space that is left!

One the size and location of the closet are determined, the main elements of the closet that are left have to do with design and style. Here are some of the closet features that are important to keep in mind when using a Colorado Springs custom home designer to create your space.custom home closet designs

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Choosing the perfect closet doors 

Depending on the type of closet, there are many different types of doors you can choose from for your closet. With a walk-in closet, sliding doors or bi-fold doors are more common. Sliding doors tend to be sturdier, while bi-fold doors allow you to open both doors and view the entire closet at once.

Both of these options don’t need space in the room to open and close them, which is helpful when trying to utilize square footage. For a walk-in closet, sliding or bi-fold doors are an option, however it is more common to have single or double doors for the entrance.

If one of the goals for the closet is to create a feel of luxury, the double doors are a beautiful customization that can make the closet feel larger when the doors are open. If space around the closet is an issue, it might be a better option to use a single door as it takes up less wall space.


The floor of the closet can be the same or different from the area the closet is in. Depending on the usage of the closet, there may be a better choice for the floor between carpet, hardwood, tile or vinyl.

If the bedroom is carpeted or hardwood, using those materials for the closet makes sense, however if the closet is being used as more of a dressing room area and there’s a space to do hair and makeup, using a material like tile or vinyl will keep the floors easier to clean and will help you avoid damage to the floor.

It’s hairspray or spilled makeup could ruin carpets or hardwood, so the beauty of those floors may not be worth risking a future cost. If you choose tile or vinyl but want a homey feel, using area rugs is always an option to warm up the room.


Aside from clothes, what else will be stored in the closet? Do you have hundreds of shoes or multiple handbags? What about gym equipment and clothing that needs space? Figuring out the best way to store everything you own is probably the most important part of building a custom closet.

Luckily, there isn’t a shortage of ways to organize. You can get hanging rods, built-in shelves and drawers, or even install hooks in an area. The more organized you are in planning storage, the less space your closet will waste, however it is important to leave some “growth space” for things you haven’t planned to store yet, especially if you like to shop or don’t like to get rid of things.


Think about what is on your wish list for the closet. Is there seating? Maybe you want a full length mirror to check outfits or a shoe wall to present your favorite pairs. Whatever it is, evaluate the need of it versus the functionality. You may have to pick and choose which extras are more important to you.

Designing a custom Colorado Springs home is fun and choosing a perfect closet is a great way to optimize your house for functionality and space. Consider what’s most important to you - organization, beauty or convenience - and use that to drive your decisions while you go through the custom-built process.

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