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Five Things to Include in Your Custom-Built Kitchen

You have the perfect chance to bring all of your dreams to reality. Creating a custom-built kitchen will result in the most beautiful, spotless and functional kitchen. Having all of this creative freedom is a blessing but it could also get really confusing. How do you get started? What features should you put emphasis on?

We’ve compiled a list of five creative ideas that you can rely on to build your dream kitchen. From lights to custom cabinetry and appliances, choose these features to add value to your home and to turn your kitchen into a state-of-the-art place for culinary worship.

Choosing Lights for Your Custom-Built Kitchen

Chandeliers and drop lighting can be used in two ways. Lights can be used to accentuate the most beautiful features of your kitchen, and they should also be used over the work areas like the countertop.

Does your family eat in the kitchen? A classic chandelier can create the most romantic, warm and welcoming atmosphere. If the kitchen is a larger one, consider the use of additional fixtures that will make the entire space brighter.

The addition of lighting beneath the cabinets can highlight the beauty of the material that your kitchen countertop is made of. This possibility will be purely decorative and strategic placement will be the key to making the most of it.

Custom Cabinetry

White, light wood, faux finish – which kind of custom cabinetry will be right for your kitchen? Cabinetry expenses contribute the most to creating a custom-built kitchen, which is why you have to dedicate a bit of time to choosing the perfect option.

You can easily go beyond the standard swinging doors. Flip-up cabinet doors add convenience and a bit of unusual twist to the design. If you want to go completely out of the traditional realm, opt for door-free cabinets. This kind of storage solution is simple and stylish, but you have to make sure that everything inside the cabinet is in perfect order to get the most of this solution.

Kitchen Island Ideas

Designing the perfect kitchen island is another opportunity to unleash your creative powers.

What will the primary function of the island be? If you are looking for a central hub enabling people to gather and socialize, you should opt for sleek and sophisticated appearance. Dark wood and marble kitchen islands look stylish, and they benefit from the natural appeal of their materials.

If you have a relatively small kitchen, you can incorporate storage into the island design. Dedicate the space underneath the island to the storage of pots, pans and other kitchen essentials. Adding seating to the island is a great option for customizing it and creating something spectacular. If a sink is to be included in the island, you will need to incorporate the plumbing in the design.

Custom Appliances

This is where you can go really wild – custom appliances will accentuate your strengths in the kitchen, making you faster and much more productive.

Think about all of the bells and whistles and weather you really need all of them. Set a budget in advance to guide all of your decisions. A side-by-side oven is one great idea for the individuals that tend to be very active in the kitchen. Wine storage units, coffee makers and metal-finished refrigerators will also contribute to the modern, minimalist kitchen design.

Keep in mind that the appliances can add up to nearly 20 percent of the household’s energy usage. When possible, opt for energy efficient pieces that will keep your bills down and minimize the environmental impact of making delicious meals.

Custom Kitchen Backsplash

Our final suggestion involves the selection of a custom kitchen backsplash. The backsplash can be very simple or more elaborate if you go for marble pieces. If you want to put emphasis on it, go for something a bit more ornate and noticeable.

Tile gives you numerous customization opportunities, as well. If you go for mosaic tiles, you will create oriental appeal and ambiance in your kitchen. This is a perfect selection for the ones that want something a bit more traditional and intricate that a modern, minimalist kitchen.

Here’s a final suggestion if you want something a bit more unconventional – a mirror or mirror tiles are affordable, and the final outcome will to be impressive.

These are just some of the options you can choose for your custom built kitchen. Apart from taking a look at the custom cabinetry, lighting and appliances, you can certainly focus on some of the smaller details that will give your kitchen individuality, spirit and the warmth necessary for the perfect family gatherings.

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