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Top Trends for 2015 Colorado Springs Custom Homes

Classic style is what will make your luxury custom home appealing for many years to come and help your custom home to retain its value. Still, while fads will come and go, staying on trend with your styling and home features adds a layer of freshness that will help you to get the most enjoyment of your new living space. Plus, being aware of home trends allows you to take advantage of new features and technologies that were not previously thought of or available.

Trends for Outdoor Living

Sunny Colorado is a wonderful place to live if you love the outdoors, and if you’re thinking about a new custom home in Colorado Springs or elsewhere along the Front Range, chances are you’ve thought about adding beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces that take advantage of the sunshine and spectacular views. To keep you up to date with the latest I’ve listed here a few of the 2015 trends in outdoor living.

Outdoor kitchens

If you love to entertain friends and family, an outdoor kitchen can be a wonderful addition to your Colorado Springs custom home. What could be better than cooking dinner with your friends while watching the sun go down over Pike’s Peak? Today’s outdoor kitchens are much more sophisticated than a gas grill and a wet bar.

Several manufacturers have created appliance lines specifically for outdoor kitchens making about any type of cooking as convenient outdoors as it is inside. From pizza ovens to refrigerators to dishwashers, outdoor appliances make outdoor entertaining simple and elegant in a way never before possible.

Water features

Few sounds are more relaxing than that of gently flowing water. Think about asking your Colorado Springs luxury homebuilder to add a waterfall to a koi pond, hot tub or pool. This is an excellent way to add beauty and serenity to your backyard oasis. Also, a heated lap-pool can be a great addition to a Colorado home.


There is just something about sitting around a fire enjoying the cool nights of Colorado. A custom homebuilder can help you design an outdoor fireplace or fire pit that will add warmth and beauty to your outdoor entertaining.

Three seasons room

Sometimes it’s just too cold to be outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re outside, minus the wind and the cold. Adding a sunny room with expanses of glass and large doors that open to your outdoor entertaining space is a great way blur the lines between inside and out so you can get the best of both worlds. A three-season room is also a great place to consider placing a fireplace or water feature.

Trends in Bed and Bath

Free-standing tubs

The trend toward free-standing bathtubs continues in 2015 and the variety and style are better than ever. Warning: an extra-deep copper or porcelain pedestal tub can add a spa-like layer of elegance and serenity to a bathroom that may make it difficult to leave.

Larger walk-in showers with vertical spa systems

Gone are the days of the single showerhead. Vertical spa systems include components like rainshower showerheads and multiple adjustable showerheads to aim the water exactly where you need it.

Digital panels that control multiple showerheads make it easy to have your shower just the way you like it and for your spouse to adjust the showerheads just the way he like or she prefers. Plus, water mixers make it so you never have to worry about a blast of cold water spraying out onto your head, unless, of course, that’s what you want.

Floor tiles worthy of an art exhibit

According to, statement-making feature floor tiles remain on trend for 2015. Flooring is often chosen to coordinate or blend in with the rest of a room, but feature floor tiles are all about attention-grabbing beauty.

Whether you decide to choose from a manufacturer’s line or have tiles custom made for your home, an experienced Colorado Springs luxury home builder like BVC will make sure you get a lovely feature floor that is as stunning as your mind can imagine.

Trends for Home Interiors

Specialized storage

Even better than a home with lots of storage is a home with lots of storage for the things you and your family need to store. If you’re like most people you have prized possessions stored in you attic or garage, lovely things that never see the light of day because they are just too much trouble to take out of storage.

Think about the things you need to store and how accessible they need to be, and then talk to your custom homebuilder early in the design process about putting storage where you need it. If yours is a family of avid winter sports enthusiasts, you need to consider adding specialized storage that makes it easy to get your equipment out and put it away once the fun over.

Likewise, if you cook often and love to show off your custom pottery, consider storage solutions for your kitchen and pantry that display or make it easy to get to the dishes and appliances that you want to use.

Copper and other warm metals

The metal trend for 2015 is copper and other warm metals like brass. You can be on trend by choosing light fixtures and cabinet hardware in rosy or burnished tones, but don’t stop there. Metal is a wonderful material to add a warm glow to a kitchen with copper tiles or stove vents. And, as mentioned previously, copper bathtubs are hot for this year. A statement lighting piece such as a copper chandelier may be just the right amount of bling for a great room or entry hall.

Add more color

Hot color trends for this year include painting ceilings with bright, eye-catching colors while leaving the walls in whites and other neutrals. Adding accents around the room with pillows, art, or other items in the same shade as the ceiling brings a room to life.

On trend colors for 2015 include deep, saturated blues and greens, coral, frosted pastels and neutrals grays. Also making a comeback this year are beautiful laser printed and textured wallpapers. While wallpaper is something you never want to get carried away with because it can be difficult to change, a papered accent wall that adds on trend colors or textures may be just the thing you need to add interest to a room.

Get Inspired

If you’re building a new custom home it pays to remember that some trends, like painted ceiling and papered accent walls, are relatively easy to change later in the building process. But, if you need specialized storage or custom-made, hand-painted floor tiles those things need to be worked into your design plan early enough that materials can be ordered and designs finalized.

If you’re yet not sure what features and styles you want in your new home, begin by browsing websites like Houzz, Pinterest and Etsy for ideas. Save articles and images that speak to you and bring that with you when you consult with the builder. When you work with the professionals at BVC you’ll be partnering with a knowledgeable staff that can guide you through the process of building the home that is right for you.



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