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kitchen-decorationsAutumn is an exciting time for people in Colorado Springs. Autum colors add a lot of life to a home both outside and in. For Colorado Springs residents who love to decorate, the vibrant color schemes offer so much inspiration for home decorating ideas. Autumn is a season that encourages people to view their homes in a new light, and Bella Vita has many Colorado Springs home ideas. We want your home to look just as spectacular indoors as it does from the outside. This fall, we want to help you give your home an autumn makeover. Here are five easy ideas and designs to try out this fall.

Maroon, Crimson, Goldenrod, and Burgundy are just a few colors Mother Nature uses to let us know that summer is over and fall has arrived. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The leaves tinge into fiery hues that make scenic landscapes come to life. Fall creates vivid settings that last only a few months, and before we know it, winter is knocking upon our doors.

However, some people wish they could marvel at the picturesque views of fall forever. That’s where we come in. As a custom homebuilder in Colorado Springs, Bella Vita can make it so that you never have to say goodbye to fall. Bella Vita is known for building custom homes in Colorado Springs that will allow you to enjoy the richness of this beautiful season all year long. These fall-inspired living room ideas and living room designs will help you do just that.

You have the perfect chance to bring all of your dreams to reality. Creating a custom-built kitchen will result in the most beautiful, spotless and functional kitchen. Having all of this creative freedom is a blessing but it could also get really confusing. How do you get started? What features should you put emphasis on?

We’ve compiled a list of five creative ideas that you can rely on to build your dream kitchen. From lights to custom cabinetry and appliances, choose these features to add value to your home and to turn your kitchen into a state-of-the-art place for culinary worship.

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