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5 Awesome and Inspired Ideas for Your Next Dream Home

When creating the house of your dreams, there are many inspired ideas to be aware of—whether you prefer living spaces that are sleek and serene, bright and energetic, or cozy and comfortable. At BVC Homes, we offer custom features that will give your new home a luxurious feeling, yet still be affordable.

You may want to juxtapose a variety of styles, creating a modern look, perhaps layered with beautiful antiques. Whatever your preferred tastes may be, creating a well-built custom home can be an enjoyable process. Here are 5 inspired ideas that our Colorado Springs custom home contractors can help you design.

Luxury Bathrooms

Whether you've always wanted a freestanding tub, skylight or colorful glazed tiles—we can assist you in achieving the bathroom of your dreams. Custom features can transform a master bath into a living space that functions as a retreat, and your own personal oasis.

Make your fantasies a reality. If you have a preference for nocturnal colors, perhaps have sleek dark marble walls installed. If you've always loved classic rectangular tubs, then surround it with a platform of ebony wood. Whether it's an Asian-inspired theme with brass lanterns or luminous white fixtures with watery blue accents—a beautiful bathroom will add comfort and joy to the quiet, downtime hours of your life.


Pass under an archway and you can feel transformed, as if you've gone from one world into another. For even more drama, choose accent colors from a bold palette. An archway is like a picture frame, which breaks up the living space—but at the same time gives a sense of flow from one room to another. Add a high ceiling to the design, and perhaps a bay window at one end of the room, and the dramatic impact will be further enhanced.

Archways typically connote success and victory. Consider the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and the Washington Arch in Greenwich Village. For many people, these monuments symbolize a gateway to freedom and artistic expression. Why have an ordinary opening to one of your main living spaces when you can incorporate architectural interest by adding an elegant archway? This feature can be easily created by our Colorado dream home builders.

Tuscany-Inspired Home

Imagine a chalk-white entryway with double-height ceilings, exposed beams, a chandelier, and gleaming dark-wood floors. Yes, you can create a beautiful space that feels like it's "under the Tuscan sun" without actually moving to Italy— and without spending a great deal of money. You simply need to get creative with color and design. While granite and other expensive stones are common in old-world Tuscan style, so is wrought iron, which can be easily acquired. These design elements aren't necessarily costly, but require a creative hand. Warmth and comfort with rustic charm reminiscent of the old country will give your home a sophisticated and tranquil feel.

Usually Tuscany-inspired colors are layered with golden hues that blend well with abundant sunlight. But the important thing is to select colors you love. Tuscan style, inspired by country homes that have existed for a long time, often have a sense of earthy warmth, decorated with heavy furniture and fabrics, such as velvet, that are elegant and comfortable. Stucco and brick are typical elements of the exteriors.

Custom Outdoor Living

Being near running water evokes calm and relaxation. If you desire a creek on your land-locked Front Range property, a custom outdoor version can be created for you. A cabana, wet bar, hot tub and pool are other popular additions to custom built homes, and are ideal for entertaining family and friends.

If an outdoor living room is your sense of a pleasant space to relax and renew, there are many designs to choose from—rather than settling for a more traditional, and perhaps cloistered environment. Create a laid-back atmosphere with trees strategically placed to invite shade. An exterior space where you can enjoy your Colorado view and relax in the fresh air and natural light can be a wonderful addition to your home. For winter warmth, include an outdoor fireplace in the design.

Stone Man-Cave

After a day in the beaming Colorado sunlight, a subterranean private hideaway can be a much-needed addition to your custom home. Of course, the cave should include ample space for a billiard table, entertainment center and bar. And perhaps a wine cellar, fireplace and indoor Jacuzzi.

At BVC Homes, we specialize in designing Colorado Springs custom homes and succeed in giving our customers the luxury design elements and stylish features of their dreams, despite budget constraints. Our priority is giving you a well-built home that meets your preferences in terms of taste and style. Whether you crave a living space that has an elegant modern feel, rooms that evoke old-world rich warmth, or a juxtaposition of different styles—we will help you create a custom home with design features that reflect your personal tastes and provide beautiful living spaces that you will enjoy for years to come.

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