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Build a custom staircase for your home

If your home is multiple levels, the way you move from one floor to the next can be a huge part of the design process when building a custom home. Stairs are the main way to get from one floor of the house to the other and are a huge part of the functionality of the home. They are also an important style factor - especially if the home is more than two or three levels.

You have to figure out if you’ll have one large staircase that stops on each level or multiple sets of stairs that connect different floors together. The style component of the staircase can get complicated because of so many choices, like if the stairs will be carpeted or wood, if they’ll be winding or straight, or even the type of railings used. The staircase can be intricate and detailed or simple and just there to get the job done. Other factors like budget, house size and building codes are all things to consider, too. A Colorado Springs custom home builder can help you design and choose features for a custom staircase that works best for you.

What you should consider for your staircase.

Before you begin picking out the style components for your staircase you must also think about other things that will play into the final design. How much money are you willing to spend? Does the staircase you’re envisioning follow building codes and regulations for safety? Is there room for the staircase? Is the staircase you’re envisioning realistic for your lifestyle or will you actually want something different? These are just a few questions to consider, and here’s why.

When you’re building a house it’s super important to contact the city to get the building codes and regulations for the area the house is in. Sometimes stairs must be a certain depth or height, which could put a damper on plans you have if you want the stairs to be narrow or shorter than usual. Look into the codes and compare with the plans you’re creating. The codes are made for safety reasons so there are validity to them if you’re thinking of going against them at all. Especially if the staircase will see heavy traffic, it’s important to know that your family and friends will be able to safely go up and down them. Things like small landings or steps that aren’t deep enough can make it easy to fall or trip. Safety should always come first.

When you begin picking the materials for your staircase you need to consider what will match the entire house. Sometimes it’s easy to go through a style phase and pick a trendy look, but in a few years your home will quickly look outdated. With options like wood, stone or metal, there are plenty of ways to create a unique and beautiful staircase that will always be in style. Use wood that matches other wood finishes in the house or stone that is neutral and can match other tiles in the home.

After coming up with an idea for a grand staircase it’s easy to spend more money as ideas start to flow. An upgrade here and another small detail there can easily add up and put you over your custom home budget. Various types of staircases range in their price points so talk to your Colorado Springs custom home builder to first get an idea of what types of staircases you can afford. After that, consider the upgrades and material costs and decide if a simple style with serious upgrades will do the trick or if you’d rather have an elaborate staircase with less upgraded materials. Narrowing down your budget will help you narrow down your choices and stay on track for the rest of the home.

A big part of designing a staircase is thinking where you want the staircase to go and how much space it will take up. If the entrance to your home is where the stairs will be and it’s a big open space, a grand staircase could add a beautiful design. If you’re limited on how much room there will be near the stairs, something simple would make more sense. Determine the space available or that you’re willing to use for the stairs and that will give you design guidelines.

The most important thing to consider when creating a custom staircase is what the every day use of the stairs will look like. Do you have young children who will be bounding up and down the stairs all day long? Is the laundry room downstairs and you’ll have to carry loads up and down them often? Maybe you entertain often and the entrance of your house needs to look glamorous. Although you want a beautiful home with dream fixtures, sometimes you have to come off cloud nine and think of the bigger picture. The winding staircase may look beautiful on paper but you may regret your decision while hauling clothes up and down the stairs every day. If you choose materials that could be easily damaged or expensive to replace and you have children or pets that will likely damage them, it might not make sense to get that material. Make sure that while you’re creating your dream home you’re also not envisioning a dream life that is nonexistent. Figure out what you need and then incorporate what you want into those needs.

Staircase Design

After you’ve given thought to everything from your needs to the building codes in your area, it’s time for the actual style and design process. Not only do you have to pick materials and overall design but the small details of your staircase can give your Colorado Springs custom home a beautiful finish.

A few design elements to consider are:
• baluster types
• handrail options
• open treads or closed treads
• carpet or no carpet
• lighting

Every detail surrounding your custom staircase design can make or break the look of the stairs. Consider functionality and safety, but also consider what looks good and will be a classic look years from now. Use your Colorado Springs custom home builder to bounce ideas off of and get advice. Replacing a staircase isn’t easy or cheap, so it’s important to plan everything how you want it and create the perfect staircase for your family’s custom home.

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