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Colorado Springs Custom Home Theater Designs

Add red carpet class to your luxury Colorado Springs Custom Home with a custom designed home theater

Home theaters are the latest in Colorado luxury living. If your dream is to add a theater to your new home, you should know about the latest and greatest features that can make your Colorado Springs custom home theater worthy of a Hollywood premier.

As the preeminent Colorado Springs luxury homebuilder, Bella Vita Custom Homes is proud to offer custom home theaters designed with you in mind. If a home theater is in your future you need to know what your home theater options are as early in the building process as possible so that you end up with a quality cinema that is every bit as fabulous as you’ve dreamed it would be.

The key to a successful home theater project is working with professionals who will can execute your design, suggest materials and complete your project. There are two home theater basics: A high-definition picture and engaging surround sound.

Home theater technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and today you can have the same quality movie experience as your local cinema.

When you interview potential custom homebuilders, ask them if they have the experience and technical knowledge to help you get the high-fidelity sound and excellent picture you want in a room that reflects your good taste and will bring hours of entertainment to your friends and family. After all, if a theater room doesn’t have the right media equipment, it’s just another pretty place.

Depending on your lifestyle and budget you may choose to build a separate room for your home theater, or you can outfit your family or living room with all the equipment necessary for a comfortable and exciting movie experience.

Of particular concern for homeowners who choose to build a dual purpose living room/home theater is unsightly media equipment and the prospect of suboptimal acoustics and lighting. When using the space as a living room the last thing you want to see is a huge screen or a tangled mess of wires snaking around the room.

Likewise, when you’re using the room as a theater you don’t want to have your movie experience diminished by sunlight glaring on the screen or sounds coming from other rooms in the house. In addition to properly soundproofing and lighting your dual-purpose room, the right builder will find beautiful and clever ways to install state of the art media equipment.

Your theater design may include speakers in the ceiling and projectors that drop down from the ceiling, or if you prefer, the equipment can be concealed in handsome furniture that speaks to your sense of style. If you want an authentic movie experience you can even add home theater chairs that connect with the sound system to vibrate and rumble in sync with the action on the screen. If action flicks are your thing, that is definitely the way to go. Add in some lighting that dims automatically when the film starts and some LED walkway lighting and you’re in business.

A quality homebuilder with experience in designing and building custom home theaters will be able to design a dual purpose theater room that you and your family and friends will find both beautiful and beautifully functional.

custom home theater designs

Some questions you will want to consider when designing the home theater in your new Colorado Springs custom home include:

What size room do I need for a home theater?

If you’re someone who likes to entertain family and friends, chances are your custom home theater needs to be spacious enough to accommodate several guests.

If that’s the case, you may also want to add extras like a wet bar or mini-kitchen a multi-functional entertainment room. You may also want to choose seating that can be arranged in multiple ways depending on the occasion and number of guests using the space.

On the other hand, if your goal is simply to enjoy without the crowds a premium movie experience that rivals that of a commercial theater, a less spacious home theater may suit your needs perfectly.

What type of seating is available for my custom home theater?

Seating is very important because nobody likes to have to move around in an uncomfortable chair just to make it through a film. As home theaters have become more popular the style and variety of theater seating options has increased to meet the demand. This gives you more beautiful, comfortable and functional furniture to choose from than you may have dreamed possible.

An excellent way to find out what is available is to run a Google search for the phrase “luxury home theater seating” and click on images. You can also look on sites such as Houzz and Pinterest to find inspiration for your new custom home.

Will my theater match the style and personality of my new home?

As with every aspect of a luxury custom home, a custom homebuilder with the knowledge and expertise to design and build a home theater will work with you to create a home theater that looks and feels like it belongs in the house no matter what the overall style. Again, look for ideas online.

As you find photos of rooms that you like save them to a digital file so you can organize and find them later. Once you have some ideas you are attracted to, go back and look at the images you’ve saved and think about what it is you like about each one and look for features that the rooms have in common.

Do you gravitate toward theater rooms with a cozy, casual feel, or are the photos you save of grand rooms with elegant décor? Does that style fit well with the type of entertaining you expect to do in your new home? The more you understand about your own personal style the better you can communicate that to your homebuilder.

An experienced luxury homebuilder with a proven process to designing and building dream homes will help you work through your questions and guide you toward design ideas that fit the style and space of your custom home. They will talk with you about every detail from the number of seats you will need to the best location of the theater within your custom home.

In keeping with our mission statement, Bella Vita Custom Homes is constantly refining our process to provide the best design and the best value for our customers. We’d love to turn your home theater dreams into a red carpet reality when we build your luxury Colorado home…because turning dreams into reality is what we do.

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