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Custom Home Bar Designs For Your Colorado Springs Home


Custom homes are perfect for anyone because you can create the best home for you and your family. It will be a dream come true and something you will take great pride in for the rest of your life. When you buy a Colorado Springs custom home you can choose the different layouts and floor plans you want, and you can figure out any accents and add-ons you may want. An incredible idea for your home is to buy a custom home bar design. Let’s take a look at why you should get a wet bar in your home and gather some great design ideas for Colorado Springs custom homes.

Why Wet Bars are Great for Your Home

Wet bars are perfect for any home where the residents plan on entertaining guests, and they are excellent for a man cave. Who doesn’t want a great place to get away, make a few drinks, and sit in the quiet of their home? Purchasing a custom wet bar allows you to choose the design you want, making it easy to entertain your friends and family, or to sit back and enjoy a great movie. Whatever your plans may be, a wet bar is a great addition to any custom home.

Should You Get A Wet Bar?

If you plan on entertaining guest or you simply enjoy having a great stock of drinks for mixing and enjoying, then a wet bar is great for you! It gives you the ability to enjoy all of your favorite drinks without needing to go out to a local bar. In fact, you get to make the drinks exactly how you want them instead of getting watered down beverages. You can turn your wet bar into scotch central, shake (but not stir) a martini, or have a great selection of wine. You can even have a vast selection for you and your friends to enjoy.

Home Custom Design Ideas

Now you know why wet bars are perfect for Colorado Springs custom homes, and whether or not you should get one. You are now probably wondering just how to get a great wet bar with an incredible design. Getting design ideas can be overwhelming for some people, but we have some wonderful suggestions that you can choose to go with or receive awesome inspiration. A few of our ideas are:

Get a gorgeous stone archway with accents to add to your wet bar

This is a great way to make your wet bar look incredible for visitors. You can make it look like a little winery sitting in your house, ready to serve people amazing drinks and promising a wonderful time of laughter and great conversation. The archway and accents are great for those who want their wet bar out where they entertain guests.

Include some incredible built-in wine holders

This will look incredible and put together for those who visit your home. You can have your wine on display for everyone to see, helping people make a great selection for the night’s festivities. It also gives you the ability to locate your favorite wine to enjoy for a quiet night in watching your favorite film or reading a great book. No matter where your wet bar is, built-in wine holders will be simply amazing.

Use marble counter tops and custom backsplash for a stunning look for your wet bar

Marble looks incredible as flooring and countertops. It gives a gorgeous, regal look to any location and marble countertops can make your wet bar look amazing. You can easily care for and clean marble countertops, which is great for a location where you serve drinks. A custom backsplash also offers an incredible appearance, while making it easier to clean up any messes you may encounter.

Great accents can include wine barrels

If you are looking for some great décor to add to your wet bar, a few gorgeous, classic looking wine barrels can do the trick. Get a few of these to add to your wet bar, giving it the look and feel of a winery.

Wine glass holders are perfect for wet bars

What is a wet bar without easy to access glassware for drinks? When you create your custom wet bar, you should consider including a wine glass holder to reach your glasses easily and pour your favorite wine. In fact, the glasses can act as a form of usable décor, as well!

When you are looking for great Colorado Springs custom homes, you should make sure you find a company that has a custom home design award in the Colorado Springs area. Bella Vista Custom Homes offers great design ideas for you to help you make your wet bar the talk of the town!

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