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5 Ways to Spruce up Your Colorado Springs Home for Autumn

kitchen-decorationsAutumn is an exciting time for people in Colorado Springs. Autum colors add a lot of life to a home both outside and in. For Colorado Springs residents who love to decorate, the vibrant color schemes offer so much inspiration for home decorating ideas. Autumn is a season that encourages people to view their homes in a new light, and Bella Vita has many Colorado Springs home ideas. We want your home to look just as spectacular indoors as it does from the outside. This fall, we want to help you give your home an autumn makeover. Here are five easy ideas and designs to try out this fall.

Use Pumpkin Decorations

autumn-decorPumpkin & guord decorations are an autumn classic, but don't bore yourself with the traditional "spooky" carved pumpkin. 

  1. Buy varying sized pumpkins as well as guords and arrange them into the perfect table top piece for a hall table or kitchen desk area. Stack rounder, flatter pumpkins.
  2. Buy pumpkins of varying colors. White pumpkins are very classy and make an excellent accent to a centerpiece or windowsill.
  3. There are several excellent ways you can preserve your pumpkins so they last all winter long, including painting rather than carving them. You can also include making a typography pumpkin by painting it and putting letter stickers on it. You can make your pumpkins look elegant by tying ribbons on the stems
  4. Cut out the center of your small pumpkin or guord and use it as a candle holder.
  5. Place your pumpkin on a candle pedastle with others of varying heights and sizes and arrange into a lovely centerpiece.
  6. If you do choose to carve your pumpkins, do so within a week of Thanksgiving or Halloween so they will be freshly carved.

Hang up an Autumn-Inspired Wreath

Wreaths are one of the most popular home decorating ideas. Go to a local craft store for ideas for your home in Colorado Springs. Be sure to purchase wreaths that match or complement the color of your home. Wreaths are a beautiful and welcoming addition to a large front door. Embrace the autumn colors by choosing one that uses faux maple leaves for that dash of brilliant red.

If you want to make autumn even more special, declare a craft day in your home or community. Get together with friends and family members so you can make wreaths together. While you’re at the craft store, you’ll get many ideas for your Colorado Springs homes design. Craft stores will have many beautiful designs for your home as well.

Use Wire or Wicker Baskets Filled with Autumn-Colored Items

Home decorating ideas also include using wire or wicker baskets filled with autumn-colored items. Once again, your local craft store will give you ideas for your home in Colorado Springs. You can fill the wicker baskets with items like artificial flowers, berries, and leaves. You can also use artificial pumpkins and add decorative ribbons. Also consider adding candles, pine cones, and corn. You can also purchase already filled and decorated wicker baskets that will offer great designs for your home in Colorado Springs.

Bring out the Throws

You can accent your home with autumn-colored throw pillows. Invest in quality pillows you can use for years to come. Pick pillows that have fall tones like red, gold, orange, yellow, and brown. You can also accent your home with autumn-colored fleece blankets. Purchase fleece blankets that are the same color as the throw pillows. Throw pillows and fleece blankets will make your home cozy and comfortable. You can relax in your home while doing your favorite pastime or simply cozy up to your fireplace.

Cut Branches from Fruiting Trees

ashberry-apples2You can also cut branches from pear, apple, or fig trees and use them to embellish your home. Put the cut branches in a vase and use them to decorate a table or windowsill. If you can’t get real branches, purchase some artificial ones at your local craft store. Some of the artificial branches look and feel real.

Take this idea to the next level by purchasing large vases to position in corners in your house. Consider adding artificial fall foliage and other branches and plants. Craft stores have such a variety of glittery and fall-inspired foliage that you can add to the large vases. You can also add large leaves in honor of autumn.

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