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Enjoy a Fall Flourish with These Great Fall Ideas

Maroon, Crimson, Goldenrod, and Burgundy are just a few colors Mother Nature uses to let us know that summer is over and fall has arrived. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The leaves tinge into fiery hues that make scenic landscapes come to life. Fall creates vivid settings that last only a few months, and before we know it, winter is knocking upon our doors.

However, some people wish they could marvel at the picturesque views of fall forever. That’s where we come in. As a custom homebuilder in Colorado Springs, Bella Vita can make it so that you never have to say goodbye to fall. Bella Vita is known for building custom homes in Colorado Springs that will allow you to enjoy the richness of this beautiful season all year long. These fall-inspired living room ideas and living room designs will help you do just that.

Decorate Your Home with Vibrant Colors and Fall Elements

autumn-decorations2Give your home an autumnal ambiance by investing in living room designs and decorations that display a palette of fall colors. Start with a colorful wall painting that has coppery tones and hues and hang it in a place that will make it a focal point in your living room.

Draw inspiration from the painting to finish decorating the rest of the room. Choose throws, rugs, pillows, and other decorations that draw out the essence of the painting. Use rich color combinations like reds, yellows, and oranges. Match plum with brown, red with gold, earthy red with light brown, mustard with chestnut, violet with chocolate, or deep red with light green. Other colors that pair well are bronze and pumpkin, cranberry and light sage, and mauve and beige.

Also think about using colorful matching table centerpieces that speak of fall as well. They will add more beauty to your entire living room. Another idea is to include elements that add a fall feel, like the low-maintenance autumn fern, which you can grow in a pot in your home.

The autumn fern boasts red orange and coppery pink fronds that change to dark green. It is rarely attacked by insects or disease. Autumn ferns thrive in the shade, which is a great characteristic, because as the days shorten, you won’t have to worry about giving it full sunlight.

Invest in Proper Lighting

autumn-lighting-kitchenSpeaking of shorter days, as the days shorten, there will be less daylight, so you will need to invest in proper lighting. Consider a chandelier fashioned in the form of leaves and branches as a fall-inspired living room idea. Chandeliers are beautiful and add a touch of elegance to any home. Some chandeliers also come in fall colors like gold and bronze. Also consider adding tall windows to your home, because they will work well with your lighting set.

As a custom home builder in Colorado Springs, we specialize in crafting tall windows, a living room design that will capture every ounce of daylight and allow you to enjoy gazing outdoors until the sun’s last ray fades from the sky. A bay window nook will also help you enjoy the view and watch the seasons change.

Our clients also enjoy high ceilings that open to loft areas. High ceilings make homes look and feel spacious. They create an atmosphere of freedom. They will help you capture more daylight as well. Many of our custom homes in Colorado Springs are made with timeless elements like high ceilings, tall windows, and chandeliers, because they never go out of style.

Use Wood Accents

pumpkin-sticks-creative2As a custom homebuilder in Colorado Springs, we also believe wood accents complement living room designs well. Wood accents are inspired living room ideas, because trees symbolize beauty, life, and strength.

Add a touch of beauty, life, and strength to your home by including a fireplace. Fireplaces are a popular addition to many of our custom homes in Colorado Springs. A gas, electric, or wooden fireplace will add a calming effect to your home.

Other items to consider include wooden accent walls or wallpaper, wood accent tables, wooden chests and cabinets, as well as dark wood trim and stylish wooden chairs or bar stools. Wooden floors are another accent available in a variety of woods like French Oak, Hickory, Bamboo, Tigerwood, Acacia, Walnut, Birch, Maple, Cherry, and other hardwoods. All these wood accents are great accompaniments to home designs.

As a premier custom homebuilder in Colorado Springs, Bella Vita is passionate about helping you create or design your dream home. We craft custom homes in Colorado Springs that will allow you to enjoy a fall flourish long after the leaves have fallen off the tress. Inspired living room ideas and living room designs like using vibrant colors, investing in proper lighting, and using wood accents will allow you to enjoy the essence of fall all year long.


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