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Spring Inspired Designs for Your Custom Home

Spring is still in bloom in Colorado Springs and it can be great inspiration when it comes to designing and decorating your new home in the Flying Horse community. Although it isn’t spring year-round, the season can be great inspiration when it comes to some of the design elements you’ll want your custom luxury home builder to use. Things like bright colors, many windows and natural lighting, and areas to entertain outside of the home are all exceptionally useful during the spring and summer months, but can also be a great element to your house during the fall and winter months. Here are some ways for your new home builders in Colorado Springs to take advantage of the city’s weather and views.

Spring Inspired Designs for Your Custom Home

Bright Colors

If you’re already building a Tuscan style home, it’s likely you’ll choose paint and details that are already warm tones, but sometimes adding in pops of bright colors can make a big difference in the design and style of the house. Dull colors can be great in a place like a nursery where calming colors are better, but having dull colors throughout your home can not only be boring, it can be somewhat depressing. Bright, lively colors can bring a fresh look into the home and can help elevate the feel of energy in your house. Think of bright yellows and oranges, greens, blues and even purples. These colors can be overwhelming if you add too much, but putting a pop of color on one wall or just adding the color into certain elements of the home can make a big difference in the home’s mood.

Don’t just think of painting the walls bright colors, either. There are tons of ways to incorporate color into the home’s design. Don’t be afraid to pick out colored appliances, tiles with pops of bright oranges and yellows, or even colored cabinets.
so the dull grey colors should be out of sight. Go ahead and bring out the lively colors that will bring freshness into your home.

Windows and Natural Lighting

Spring and summer are about the outdoors, so a great way to design your home to be spring centric is to create a home that feels like you’re outside. This look and feel can be achieved by putting tall windows in the house and strategically placing them where there are the best views or sunlight. The Flying Horse community is lucky to have beautiful, clear views of the Rocky Mountains, so it is important to take advantage of it when designing your home.

Once your new home has been built, be sure to take advantage of the windows with your decorating. Place flowers or herbs in pots to bring some living green into the home. Tall windows allow for you to grow plants inside because of the morning and evening sun coming into the house. You should also think about if you want curtains. Leaving curtains out of your decorating means letting more sunshine into your house and keeping the home feeling fresh and warm.

Outdoor Areas

Designing your home with Spring as your inspiration doesn’t just mean thinking about the inside of the house. A big part of the warmer weather in Colorado is spending time outside, and with a beautiful new custom home, why not make outdoor time be in your own backyard? Create beautiful landscapes you want to sit by. Xeriscaping is great for those who prefer their yards to be low-maintenance. Terraces are a great addition as well. They give a specified area for you and guests to hang out, but also double as protection from weather for your plants. Spring and summer in Colorado Springs means hail and rain, which can sometimes ruin flowers and produce you might be growing. A terrace will let you continue to grow those items and it will make your outdoor area look beautiful. A touch of greenery is always useful in perking up a room - inside or out.

Spring is a great time in Colorado, and it’s easy to incorporate Spring-inspired designs into your new home in the Flying Ranch community. Your new home builders should be able to point you in the proper direction when it comes to incorporating larger details like terraces and panoramic windows, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Find fun tiles with bright colors, paint a wall, or invest in plants. Your home will feel warm and bright through the cold winter months, too.

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