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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Should I Build or Buy a House?

A house is typically one of the most important, if not the largest, financial investments a person will make in their lifetime. When they start looking for their perfect home, most buyers begin with a list of non-negotiable needs, things they want but are flexible on, and then absolute no’s in terms of what the house does and doesn’t have. They spend a ton of time searching for homes with the best location, a good price and everything on their wish list, but often times the home the buyer ends up with isn’t always their dream home - they have to make sacrifices on many wants to be able to fulfill the needs of the family. For the buyer who isn’t willing to give up on their wishlist, finding a new home builder in Colorado Springs might be the solution, but that takes just as much time and research. Still, when investing in a future home, new or old, it’s important to take a look at the advantages of building versus buying.

Monday, 05 October 2015

Pros & Cons of an Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is becoming one of the more popular home concepts and if you’re designing a new home or looking into a custom renovation, an open floor plan can be a great way to change your current living style. With a large open room layout that combines many spaces such as a kitchen, dining room and living room into one, it’s easy to see why this particular floor plan has become such a common theme throughout modern homes.

However, an open concept doesn’t work well for everyone and it can come with some disadvantages. Before choosing whether to customize your home to have an open or closed floor plan, talk out some of the pros and cons with your Colorado Springs custom home builder to decide which design will work best for you.

Deciding to build or design a new home is incredibly exciting and a very important decision that can be ladened with tough choices. When designing a luxury home, one of the most important areas to keep in mind is where you spend your time and how to incorporate and design a home floor plan that will allow for convenience, be the right size and will carry an air of luxury and character throughout it. Here are a few ideas and characteristics to keep in mind when looking at Colorado Springs luxury home floor plans.

parade of homes peoples choiceWe won!

After months of hard work, we were very pround to show off our Bella Realta home at the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes tour.

We won the Colorado Parade of Homes People's Choice Award this year. This is the vote based on all the visitors to the home! All our trades did such a great job, thanks to all!


Building a custom home in Colorado Springs can be fun and exciting. Maybe you decide that the kitchen nook has a huge window overlooking Pike’s Peak or the master bathroom has the dual sinks you’ve always dreamed of. One design aspect of the house that is easily overlooked is the closet space in the house. It’s used to store things, not live in, so what’s the purpose of over-thinking it?

As much as this may seem true, oftentimes by overlooking closets you may not plan for a large enough closet for yourself and a significant other. Or maybe you didn’t realize how convenient it would be to have a spot to sit in the closet while you put on your shoes.

By giving a few extra thoughts to designing a closet space, you can make it adaptable to your needs and add extra convenience to the space. Here are a few ideas to get started on designing a functional custom closet.

A working space at home can easily end up being overlooked when designing or decorating a new home.

It may be a small working nook in the kitchen or loft, or maybe it’s a large, dedicated office with room for multiple people to work, but indulging in a proper office space is just as important as the areas of the house meant for pleasure.

Just because the space is for working doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, and just because the space is at home doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make the room better for your productivity.

By creating a vibrant and inspirational work area, you can make your work-at-home time feel less like work and more like a place to house and bring to life your ideas and goals.

Getting a custom kitchen built can feel empowering. You’re calling the shots for an area of the house that’s essential to life, and a space that often turns into an entertaining area. Food helps gather people together, so naturally, the kitchen is a place where you’ll spend time with your family or where you’ll entertain guests.

However, the kitchen has so many working parts that go into it - appliances, cabinets, wall colors, sinks, preparation areas - that becoming responsible for such an important part of the home can feel overwhelming. How can you figure out what cabinet color goes with the perfect stainless steel appliances you’ve found, and which backsplash says “trendy but timeless.”

Colorado Springs custom kitchen designs are a great idea, you just have to find your design inspiration before truly getting started. Finding a design theme is a great way to design an original, custom kitchen that is unique to your tastes but follows guidelines to help you bring all the elements of the kitchen together.

Friday, 05 June 2015

Colorado Parade of Homes

What does your dream home look like? Is it a small house with a sleek design? Maybe your dream house is a luxury home with six bedrooms and a winding staircase that greets every guest as he or she walks into your home’s entryway.

Colorado Springs is home to award-winning custom home-builders who are ready to make every person’s dream home into a reality. But what if you’re not sure what it is you want? Where can you find inspiration or get a peek at design ideas?

For the past 60 years, the Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs (HBA) has been providing Colorado Springs residents with a look at some of the most beautiful custom houses in the area during the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes.

There, guests have the chance to draw inspiration from the best builders, communities and designers in the area. During the HBA’s 61st annual Parade of Homes, guests will be able to view 31 homes, built by 24 builders in seven areas of town and in three specific housing communities.

Add red carpet class to your luxury Colorado Springs Custom Home with a custom designed home theater

Home theaters are the latest in Colorado luxury living. If your dream is to add a theater to your new home, you should know about the latest and greatest features that can make your Colorado Springs custom home theater worthy of a Hollywood premier.

As the preeminent Colorado Springs luxury homebuilder, Bella Vita Custom Homes is proud to offer custom home theaters designed with you in mind. If a home theater is in your future you need to know what your home theater options are as early in the building process as possible so that you end up with a quality cinema that is every bit as fabulous as you’ve dreamed it would be.

A quality custom homebuilder will guide you from start to finish through the process of building your dream home. They will ask questions and listen carefully to your answers. If what you want is a rooftop garden with a slide down to an oversized hot tub or a fully soundproofed theater room designed to rival the Imax experience, the right custom homebuilder can help you turn your dream into reality, budget not withstanding. But sometimes it’s the simpler, more mundane details of designing your dream home that can make the difference in how much you love living in your new home.

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